Cards Against Humanity

Important Notes for IRC: If you change nick or leave the channel you will leave the game; and there are no stats.


  • .cah - start a game with the default limit of 7 awesome points. You need a minimum of 3 players to deal.
  • .cah 5 - start a game with a limit of 5 awesome points. You can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 awesome points in a game. You need a minimum of 3 players to deal.
  • .cjoin cjoin - join a game. You may join mid-game and you will be added in next round.
  • .botjoin - have Zaphyr join the game! You may make Zaphyr join mid-game and she will be added in the next round.
  • .cleave - leave the game.
  • .deal - deal the cards once everyone has joined; only need to do this once at the start.
  • .cards - show your cards again, or the cards of other players choices if you are card czar
  • .play # p # - play card # in your list of answers, can provided multiple answers separated by spaces if you are able to. Can query to Zaphyr.
  • .fav # f # - if you are Card Czar, choose your favourite answer combination. Can query to Zaphyr.
  • .continue <nick> - force a slow player out of the game if they are taking too much time to respond.
  • .cahstop - stops the current game, note only the person who started the game can do this.
  • .cahsc - retrieve your scorecard which shows how well you've done during games.
  • .cahstats <search> <num> - Shows the top num users ranked based on search. Num is optional and defaults to 5. Search can be:
    • pw - ranking based on percent-win
    • ppg - ranking based on points per game
    • play - ranking based on number of games played
    • won - ranking based on number of games won
    • pts - ranking based on number of Awesome Points earned
    • time - ranking based on time playing CAH